Furry Pea Fly licking a matchstick.

This image was created by colouring and painting over a pencil drawing in an app call Medibang Paint on my Samsung Galaxy Note2.

The app is an amazing app. It’s also [somehow] FREE!

Get it here http://medibangpaint.com/en/

Furry Pea Fly licking a matchstick.
Furry Pea Fly licking a matchstick.

Very Drunk Man and Cougar

I haven’t been entering art competitions in the last few years. My previous experience with them hasn’t been great because of a lack of preparation and planning on my part meant the deadline for the competition would be long gone before I was even part way through completing the entry.

This time, for this competition at ubproductions.com I was prepared and going forward, I’m going to be entering more competitions.

Here is my entry

Very Drunk Man and Cougarskull

Happy Nervous

Happy Nervous

I was doing a 30 day modeling challenge. I got to about day 19 or 20 before having to drop out due to time constraints. But I did learn a lot during that twenty day ‘sprint’ This image is the first fruit of the modeling I was coming up with during the challenge.

Here’s the original post-it-note sized sketch the 3d image is based on.Happy Nervous Sketch



SU-53 Experimental Aircraft

SU-53 an experimental aircraft from some alternative path in history. I sometimes like to imagine what history would look like if tiny alterations in the order of what science was discovered and what technology was created.

The development of the Grettin-Heinner Pulse Drive was a major breakthrough for the Relegdron Territories. Here is a depiction of the SU-53, the first production plane to use the GHP Drive as the sole form of propulsion. Before 2271-TS, planes such as the SU-48series, would support the centrally-placed GHP Drive with out-rigged geeshan turbines.

The XSU-52-90 was the first prototype of what would become the SU-53, that survived it’s initial and subsequent trials.